SAM100 the bricklaying robot is now commercially available.
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Construction Robotics, LLC (CR) was founded in 2007 with the goal of advancing construction through the use of robotics, automation and the same principles used in manufacturing. CR aims to develop world leading robotics and automation equipment for the construction industry, starting with SAM100 the bricklaying robot.

SAM100 is a bricklaying robot for onsite masonry construction. Designed to work with the mason, assisting with the repetitive and strenuous task of lifting and placing each brick. The mason will continue to own the site setup and final wall quality, but will improve efficiency through the operation of SAM.

  • Benefits of SAM100
  • Designed to work collaboratively with the mason
  • Consistent production and lower installed cost (50%+ labor savings)
  • Increase masons productivity by 3-5x while reducing lifting by 80%+
  • Improved ability to plan and quote jobs
  • Lower health and safety impact on the workforce
  • Production data helps with continuous improvements
  • Attracts young people and extends work careers

The Lab School - Washington, DC - Built by SAM100

About Construction Robotics

Construction Robotics is focused on advancing construction through the use of new technology and the same manufacturing principles used for decades in other industries. By leveraging new technology CR believes there can be significant improvements to the way the construction industry operates.

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