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The future is built by those with the vision to see it. See how MULE is leading the way.


Construction Robotics provides ADVANCED, LABOR SAVING SOLUTIONS proven to reduce on site injuries and increase productivity so builders can improve safety, enhance the effectiveness of every team member and finish projects on time and on budget.


The future is built by those with the vision to see it, the ingenuity to create it, and the perseverance to make it a reality.

That’s who we are.
That’s who you are.

At Construction Robotics, we’re building the future of construction tools to support your on-site workforce. Our advanced solutions add to employees’ capabilities, confidence, and safety. Not only do they help construction pros work more productively than ever before, they also enable a diverse lineup of potential new employees to join the team…because muscle is no longer the #1 criteria.

New capabilities. New efficiencies.
Greater diversity. Unprecedented safety.

Let’s build the future together.


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Additional Testimonials


Nate Podkaminer
Chairman and co-founder
Nate is the visionary behind the Construction Robotics concept. A Registered Architect with over 40 years of experience managing multimillion dollar construction projects and, as an industry innovator, has brought many new construction concepts to the region. He is a senior executive with the Hueber-Breuer Construction Company in Syracuse and was critical in the growth of the company from 4 employees when he started in 1975, to over 45 today.
    Scott Peters
    President and co-founder
    Scott Peters is the President and Co-Founder of Construction Robotics, a manufacturing company based in Victor, NY. He has held various roles in engineering and management across a range of industries over the past 15 years. Prior to Construction Robotics (CR), Scott’s experience included process engineering, advanced manufacturing R&D, and developing robotic automation concepts for Fortune 500 companies.

    He received his B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rochester. At CR, Scott has led the team from concept to commercialization of the world’s first robotic bricklaying system, SAM. Since the launch of SAM, Scott has continued to drive innovation at CR and has led the team launch of the MULE, lift enhancing equipment poised to reinvent the construction and masonry industries.

    Scott is a serial inventor and entrepreneur and has brought ideas to life in various fields. Beyond commercial applications, Scott has developed and commercialized products that can change lives for anyone with motor skills challenges. His motivation for invention combines traditional profit objectives with making the world a better place.