Becoming an innovative force is not an easy feat for any company, and this is especially the case within construction. Industry practices have changed very little over time, as most contractors continue to approach projects similar to way it was done in the early 20th century.

The tides are changing, however, as modern technology begins to proliferate at construction sites around the globe. On-site trailers are becoming mini Silicon Valleys of the industry, and the sight of superintendents walking through a project with an iPad in hand is no longer a shocking experience. Software innovations are crucial for Building Information Modeling and Virtual Design and Construction, which are giving contractors the ability to see before they do, and act before it’s too late (i.e. too costly). But why should innovation stop there?

While most technological changes in construction thus far have—and will continue to—reimagine some of the intangibles that affect every project, the actual building process has become an undeniable hurdle to creating a full industry transformation. For contractors like Michigan-based Barton Malow, though, that challenge is being met head-on.


Industry revolution often begins with a shrewd investment. Over the years, Barton Malow has kept its ear to the ground to discover unexplored opportunities. That’s exactly what happened with Construction Robotics, a New York-based company dedicated to developing leading-edge robotics and automation equipment.


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