Marathon, WI, September 2021 – County Materials Corporation and Construction Robotics are partnering to offer masons the MULE (Material Unit Lift Enhancer) lift-assist device, built to handle and place heavy materials on construction sites. The concrete manufacturer established a MULE Rental Program to help architects, masons, and construction professionals achieve greater efficiency and cost savings.

The MULE Method utilizes cutting-edge technology to double the square footage and productivity gains. MULE smart lifting equipment also moves oversized blocks, including County Materials’ Oversized 32” Concrete Masonry Unit, with ease.

The larger block can double the amount of square footage installed in half the time. Designed to reduce per-block cost and regain investments in as little as six months, the MULE also mitigates the risk of injury and low productivity due to fatigue on the job. Click here to watch the MULE in action.

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