Monthly Archives: November 2018

Why robots will build the cities of the future | BBC

And New York company, Construction Robotics, recently built a semi-automated bricklayer or mason – SAM for short – which laid 250,000 bricks for the Poff Federal Building in Roanoke, Virginia. Laying 380 bricks an hour, it is six times faster... Read More

Transforming the Construction Industry, One Robot at a Time | Construction Executive

Becoming an innovative force is not an easy feat for any company, and this is especially the case within construction. Industry practices have changed very little over time, as most contractors continue to approach projects similar to way it was... Read More

Robots that Print Together, Stay Together | The ConTechCrew

The ConTechCrew was joined by guest Scott Peters of Construction Robotics, inventor of SAM! ConTech news topics include robots for construction, remembering the lifetime of a tech superstar, rise of the CIO, and more!   Read more here.... Read More

3 robots mechanizing construction sites, plus 3 to watch | ConstructionDive

The future has arrived. Robots, once the fodder of sci-fi movies and futuristic novels, now are working alongside humans to augment and, at times, replace them. Manufacturing has been increasingly more automated for years, but it’s only more recently that... Read More