Clark Construction Group is debuting semi-robotic construction technology at Great Lakes Naval Base in Great Lakes, Illinois, just north of Chicago. Conducted in conjunction with their engineering partner, Construction Robotics, this is the first construction project in the country to deploy MULE (Material Unit Lift Enhancer) and SAM (Semi-Automated Mason) technology.

The machines—being used to construct a new, 166,000 square-foot barracks facility for enlisted military personnel at the Great Lakes Naval Base—display cutting-edge robotics innovation poised to change how masonry is approached. The two robotic technologies work in tandem to vastly improve safety, quality, and job site productivity in many ways.

MULE has the capability of lifting 135 pounds, with each 32-inch CMU block weighing roughly 70 pounds. The system also offers a fully modular design that can be configured multiple ways and easily moved around the job site. The SAM technology is capable of laying a brick every 7 to 10 seconds, employing unique programming that is also designed to allow the machine to lay bricks in complex patterns.

Clark is one of the nation’s leading providers of civil and building construction services, holding a long-standing tradition of leveraging innovative tools and technologies to improve its construction processes. This new semi-robotic technology ensures that Clark remains ahead of the curve when it comes to new construction technology.


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