Construction Robotics launched its new MZ100, co-developed with JLG, the latest addition to the Mule product line. This product, which is a smaller, lighter-weight version of the original Mule, is self-leveling, powered by a Lithium-Ion battery, and can be directly coupled to JLG and SkyTrak telehandlers, moving it from a static-based job site solution to a mobile one.

JLG Industries Inc. is working with Construction Robotics of Victor, N.Y., to develop alternative solutions to cumbersome, repetitive construction tasks that oftentimes result in cumulative injury.

Construction Robotics specializes in the advancement of robotic and autonomous technologies in the heavy-equipment sector. As an access industry leader, JLG specializes in providing people with a safer way to work at height.

“JLG and Construction Robotics are taking the strengths of each individual company to collaborate on progressive robotic solutions that will advance safety and productivity on tomorrow’s job sites,” said Frank Nerenhausen, president, JLG Industries. “We are innovating for the greater good of the industries we serve.”

Construction Robotics is an established developer of masonry machines such as the material unit lift enhancer (MULE), used to lift and place a concrete block, and the semi-automated mason (SAM), used to lay brick. Both products assist employees on worksites to minimize fatigue and improve productivity.


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